How to Create an Info Marketing Business Plan

Creating an info marketing business plan isn’t high on many internet entrepreneur’s to do lists. It’s an absolute necessity, however, for marketers wanting to maximize their efforts. This article should benefit anyone who has an online business, but hasn’t developed a business plan or an individual who is considering starting an online marketing business. Okay, lets get started.

Step 1: Decide Where You Want to Be in 90 Days
It all must start with this step. It’s all wrong to start a business with the goal of just making a lot of money so you can retire one day. This isn’t a measurable goal. It’s just an ambiguous dream that can’t support a strategy. Instead, create a list of goals that are more tangible (e.g. the number of products you intend to create, how many subscribers you plan to have, how much income you want to generate, etc.). These specific goals are not only measurable, they can support the strategy necessary to bring them about.

Step 2: Determine the Action Steps Required to Achieve Your Goals
This step involves the work required to see your 90 day goals become a reality. Depending on your business model, it will probably include creating your components such as a squeeze page, product(s), sales letter, download page, traffic and so on. This step is a bit challenging if you’re just starting out since it’s very difficult to measure the time required to perform all these tasks. You won’t be able to accurately determine the time required to complete these action steps until you do them yourself. There are just too many variables involved. The good news is that you’ll become more proficient and faster over time and will know how long each step takes to complete.

Step 3: Divide Your Action Steps into Daily Tasks
Once you’ve decided all the action steps required to complete your goals, then you must divide these steps into weeks, then days. If you don’t perform this step, and do a little work here and there, you most certainly won’t reach your 90 day set of goals. When you have a list of daily tasks, then all you need to do is consistently complete the work each day.

Step 4: Make Adjustments
This step involves monitoring the time required to complete each action step and make adjustments. For example, lets say that one of your daily tasks is to write and submit five articles each day. Instead of taking one hour to write all the articles, you find that it’s taking much longer, more like two hours, then you need to adjust the time you’re working day or learn to write articles faster.

Actually, you’ll become more proficient performing the action steps in your online business. Just don’t get discouraged. It takes a while to get things going. Hopefully, I’ve provided information in this article that you can understand and implement.